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Families For Children provides the following services in Los Angeles County:

Families For Children is a foster family treatment agency. We recruit, train and certify foster parents. FFC has trained and certified hundreds of foster parents. We provide relevant, results based training that gives the foster parent hands on tools to work with abused and neglected children. FFC recognizes the importance of foster parent support. Foster parenting, while ultimately rewarding, can be challenging. We support our foster parents through on-going in-service training, special recreational events, and a personally assigned social worker.

Creating a permanent, safe home for an abused and neglected child is the desired outcome of foster care. Our training prepares parents for both foster care and adoption. Our challenge is to identify and train families that will adopt sibling groups and older children. Adoptive parents receive a permanent financial stipend for children they adopt.

FFC offers the most current training curriculum for foster care and adoption. In addition we have specialized training modules that cover specific areas such as sexual acting out, discipline, school intervention, drug abuse and more.

Our mental health agency provides on-site and in-home therapeutic services for foster children, foster and adoptive parents and birth parents.

Many of our children have serious educational deficits as a result of the emotional trauma of being separated from their family of origin. FFC has a dedicated team of volunteers that are trained to understand the special needs of our children.

Creating and preserving families is vital to fulfilling the mission of Families For Children. We provide intensive in-home counseling, Spanish and English Speaking Parenting, Substitute Adult Role Modeling, Youth and Adult Anger Management, Child Focused Activities and support services to families identified by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services as high-risk for child abuse and neglect.

FFC offers our adolescent youth a unique growth experience called Adventure Based Counseling (ABC). ABC is a therapeutic tool that is a mixture of experiential learning, outdoor education, group counseling and intrapersonal exploration. With the financial support of caring individuals and businesses FFC provides an annual 4-day winter workshop in Big Bear, CA. In addition to sessions on goal setting, team building, anger management and motivational exercises, the youth are given the opportunity to experience something unique in their damaged lives; they learn how to ski. The joy and sense of wonder on the faces of these children is beyond description. The program is funded primarily through private donations.

Many of our foster children are teenagers that are nearing adulthood. As a result of being in the foster care system most of their lives, they are not prepared for the challenges and responsibility of life after foster care. FFC's Independent Living Skills program gives our children the tools they will need to thrive in a post foster care world.

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